Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber

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When I started BH&BR I wanted to make a quality boot as tuff as the women wearing them.   Every now and then your boot will need a little TLC to prolong it's life. 

Once you've made your purchase, send your boots along with the order number (we don't need a print out/ just the number is sufficient) and send them to us. We suggest a USPS flat rate or 2 day priority. 

Once we receive them we will notify you and let you know the assessment of your boots and the repairs.  Usually, this means we will re-last them, repair and re-dye the welts and re-dye the leather as we see necessary. 

If you require a complete sole replacement we can accommodate that as well.

Once your boots are completed they will be shipped back to you USPS 2 day priority and that cost is included in the price.


If you need any advice or have any concerns before placing your ticket please reach out to us via email.