When Ordering Your Boots...

aRead below to check out some of the most frequently asked questions when ordering boots.  If you still need some help please don't hesitate to email us. :)


Do Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber and BH&BR boots run true to size?

Yes, all of our boots run true to size. Our Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber boots are all made-to-order here in our factory in New York City. They are worth the investment and we want to make sure they fit you perfectly. If you are unsure of your size we strongly recommend physically mailing us tracings of your feet. We will compare your tracings to our lasts (foot molds) and we can accurately determine your size.


What is the best method for making my foot tracings?

  • Use plain paper and a traditional ballpoint pen.  No markers/sharpies/pencils or any thing thick and bulky which can be deceptive to your measurements. 
  • Trace one foot at a time while standing and applying your full weight.  
  • Putting your foot diagonally on the paper will give you ample room.
  • While tracing make sure that your pen is held completely vertical and not at an angle which would lead to inaccuracy.
  • Ideally have a friend trace for you to make it a bit easier.
  • Please, trace both your feet and make sure to write your name, order number, and any additional notes (ie. bunions) on your papers.
  • Mail us your tracings the good old fashioned way in regular letter envelop and stamp. BH&BR X MV Attn: Tracings 247 W 38th Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10018
  • We will keep your tracings on file and use as a reference for future purchases as well.


Why is there up to a wait time for Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Boots?

We pride ourselves on hand made boots and the emphasis of comfortable, durable and stylish. Every order is handled individually in our New York City factory to to uphold our standard in quality. This includes cutting, sewing and custom sculpted Vibram soles.  As a brand, we emphasize the importance of quality over quantity.  Please, allow at least 14-16 weeks for your boot order to be completed and shipped due to the bespoke nature of our products. 


How long should I expect to receive my BH&BR Boots?

We are so excited for this collection! Not only do you get the quality leather and exclusive sole - you will not have to wait for your boots to be made. We have out grown our New York City factory and expanded our manufacturing. BH&BR officially launches on May 1, 2018. Any order placed before then will receive a discounted price and the first 50 orders will receive a special gift pack as well. All orders placed after May 1, 2018 will ship the same business day the order is received. 


Are you able to accommodate special fit requests?

If you are concerned about specific fit issues such bunions, high arches or wider calves please reach out to us directly so that were able to adjust your order/sizing accordingly based on your tracings and measurements.  Most of the services are included in the price, we do also offer additional services should you need any additional customization to accommodate orthopedics. This service is an additional $100 charge plus we request that you send us your orthopedics.


I have athletic/wider calves and I am nervous to purchase a taller boot. What would you recommend?

Reach out to us after you have purchased your boots, letting us know ANY sizing concerns.  We will prompt you to measure the circumference of your calf 7 inches from the ground and send those measurements to us. Once we get conformation of your correct size we will start on you boots.  Do note that these type of request often add a little additional time to your boots. 


Can I come to the showroom to find my perfect fit?

Absolutely! Our showroom is generally open from 10AM-5PM every Monday-Friday. Please, call ahead as sometimes we are out of the office.  For weekends and after hours we will happily adjust our schedule to accommodate you.  We have our full size run available and every style to heck out to help determine your perfect boot and fit.

We located at: BH&BR // Modern Vice 247 W 38th st 3rd floor New York, NY 10018


What are the "Motorcycle" features for Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Boots and BH&BR Boots?

Soles: Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Boots and BH&BR boots are both made with our custom lug soles, created from our exclusive partnership with Vibram.  A long lasting and durable sole with all the compounds needed to increase traction and resist oil.  Our soles provide a reliable, sturdy grip for the road and offer maximum dexterity while riding.

Leather: The majority of styles are made with our Kodiak Leather which is asphalt resistant and water resistant. It's a heavy duty malleable leather, which is very durable especially if keep it oiled with continued wear. We also use an enforced toe and heel material between the lining and outer upper so that they are adequately stiff and offer some protection. Please refer the individual product description or email us for further details.


Do you offer armor for riding with any styles?

We recently did a collaboration with Union Garage and offered a D3O armor exclusively on our West Virginia Boot style. Armored construction consist of the interior and exterior ankle protection as well as an upgrade of heel and toe protection.  This style is by special request only. Please, reach out to us directly if your interested in pricing and timing information, as we will proceed further with an invoice.


Do you offer Oil-Resistant Soles?

We do have a full Oil-Resistant Vibram sole available as an upgrade on your boots.  We have many chefs whom have needed full resistance in the kitchen. If you would like to upgrade your soles, select and purchase the Oil Resistance Upgrade along with your order.  We will contact you to confirm your special request. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you would like information on this feature.


Can I customize the style of my Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Boot?

We are not taking custom order requests at this time due to extreme demand from our current standard product assortment. Adjustments to the specs and details of our boots are also not available (i.e. heel height, shaft height, hardware changes.)  

Still have more questions?

Feel free to email us at BHBRXMV@GMAIL.COM