Keep in mind if you look after your boots, they will last you much longer. Here is a guide to keeping your favorite boots clean and conditioned. 

A few tricks if your your boots do get wet.  You can always crumple a few sheets of newspaper to put inside, this will pull out some of the moisture.  Make sure to wipe off any excess water from the welts and boot upper.  Let them dry at room temperature (away from heat) for at least 48 hours before you wear them again. Wet leather, in general, will wear out twice as quickly as dry leather.

Cleaning & Conditioning:

Before applying any products to your boots, always wipe them over with a dry cloth to get rid of surface dirt.

How to decide between a balm, cream polish or a wax polish. A wax will give your shoes a boost in shine, and adds another layer of protection to your shoes. For a cream, this is for when the leather of your shoes looks dry, as it will hydrate the leather.  I prefer Leather Seal, which is made of all natural ingredients, makes the leather really supple and provides a additional waterproofer.

A little bit of cleaning and/or conditioning product will go a long way.  Allow for time to allow your boots to absorb with the product applied as long as possible, ideally overnight.  Make sure you get plenty of polish into the welt and the crack between the upper and the sole.  This will add to the longevity of your sole as well and blocking moisture. When you are ready, buff the excess with a clean brush or cloth