Riding New York City and Other Motorcycle Adventures with Amanda

Amanda in the Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Karla Jacket
My name is Amanda and I'm a New York City native. I've been riding for about four years. Adrenaline is a feeling I've chased since I was a Child, I was a very active tomboy growing up. Motorcycles fascinated me, and as I grew older, I craved control and vulnerability all the same. I dreamt of being as free as I was in my childhood, in my adult life as well. When I first rode a motorcycle, my dream became my reality, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I currently ride a Honda CB1100. I've always been into cafe and rat style motorcycles, and I'm very grateful that one of my friends talked me out of buying a used motorcycle and into buying a brand new one. I've been slowly customizing it to look like my dream cafe racer and It's coming along very well! That being said, I think I already have my dream bike, but growing up I was obsessed with the Ducati Monster 600 Dark.

So far I've travelled on my motorcycle to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Upstate New York. My favorite trip was this past October in Joshua Tree, California for Babes Ride Out, where we flew in and rented motorcycles from Eagle Rider. Just when I thought life couldn't get any more beautiful or ridiculously breathtaking, it did!
I truly enjoy riding anywhere not in New York City. Personally, I think drivers are way too aggressive and I prefer to ride on more open and unobstructed roads. Although, I must say sometimes riding between boroughs offers some of the most beautiful views of the NYC skyline, especially at sunset.

I've been in some scary situations too. One night I rode home from Brooklyn after hanging with some friends and one of my worst fears came true. As I was coasting down the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, I spotted a large, white object fly up from under the car in front of me, and sent it flying into the air, directly towards me. I had little to no time to react, because I was at a point on the expressway without a shoulder to quickly pull off the road. I gripped my handlebars and let go of the throttle for a second as I let the object hit me straight on. It slapped the middle of my helmet and ricocheted off the top. Luckily, the object wasn't metal or extremely heavy, so my head and neck slightly jerked as I kept my eyes in front as much as I could. It all happened so quickly, I don't even know what it was that hit me. I rode home in shock and luckily made it without any injuries. It could have been worse, but that experience taught me to always stay vigilant while riding at all times. I understood in that moment why many of my friends always say to "ride as if you're invisible". You just never know what you'll get yourself into, especially in NYC.

Gear is the most important element I consider when I ride. I wear an Arai Helmet when I ride,  my Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber leather jacket with armor inserted, or an Alpinestars Armored Mesh Jacket depending on the weather. My BH&BR Leather Jacket definitely catches a lot of attention both on and off the road, I'm glad that I can have such an awesome look and feel safe at the same time. My favorite brand by far is Arai.
Amanda in the BH&BR Karla Jacket

When I pack for trips, I usually pack as light as possible. At the most, I'm carrying my backpack and I secure my duffle bag to my passenger seat. I use Rok Straps and bungee nets to secure whatever I'm not carrying on my back. I've learned that packing light benefits any trip because it lessens fatigue and added weight on my motorcycle.

In fact, there are a lot of events I want to attend this year! Work pending, I'm looking forward to possibly attending The Fox Run, otherwise I will definitely be riding up to the Catskills for Babes Ride Out East Coast in June. I'm currently a part of a women's motorcycle club called, The Miss-Fires. A core group of us are planning some awesome group rides for spring and summer that will accommodate all of the members, both new and seasoned riders.

My goals are to continue to see out my plans for myself in many aspects of my life. I'm looking forward to gaining new achievements as a motorcyclist and in my career. Finding this passion for riding has awakened so many things in my life and it's not something I plan to let go of.
Big thank you to Amanda for sharing her story! To follow her on her motorcycle adventures, follow @crederear on Instagram!