Questions and Answers With Lucysarah of The Fox Run

We wanted to find out more about the woman behind The Fox Run, the East Coast's first all-female motorcycle campout, Lucysarah. This year will be the third year of the event, and the biggest one yet. Come join us for the Fox Run, this weekend May 18-20!

Big thank you for taking the time to sit down with us and answer all of our burning questions, Lucy!

  1. Where are you from? Lancaster, PA

  2. Who are you? I am a wild heart. Light princess. Here to unite, empower and support women who love adventure!

  3. How long have you been riding? Since I was a child with my father. Legally since 2010

  4. Why motorcycles? It’s in my blood. It’s Freedom. Its challenging, stress relieving and an adrenaline rush, not to mention you get amazing gas mileage and traffic seems easier to manage.    

  5. What inspired you to get your license and learn to ride?  My love for riding atv’s, my parents, my best friend and her mom’s story about riding her bike solo cross country.

  6. What bike did you start on? 1981 Yamaha Maxim

  7. Who influenced you? My parents and everyone who ever told me I couldn’t ride a bike.

  8. Tell us about The Fox Run and your journey to get to where you are. The Fox Run started in 2015 about a year after I got back from my cross country trip. I gain pretty large following from that trip and decided to network using instagram. The response was amazing, tons of women wanted to help host a women’s collective campout in Pennsylvania and we started brainstorming. A few months later we launched tickets and sold out only a few hours later. We have sold out two years running and only have a few tickets left for the 2018 event!Throughout the weekend women have the opportunity to start the day with yoga classes, bike workshops, various handmade/vintage vendors, tattoo artists or morning music seminars. Motorcycle rides begin around noon on Saturday, and each participant is encouraged to “find her pack” gather with riders that have similar experiences and meet new people. There are multiple trail options to choose from, each with its own difficulty level. I curate the main ride every year, and every year they change a little bit. We try to include some really great scenic overlooks, and we stop at places to hike. There are around 20 different destinations submitted by Kara (@_tou.che) to choose from including swimming hole curves, long beautiful dirt roads, Lancaster Central Market, historical spots, places to eat downtown, and even garages places around the area in case someone needs maintenance.

  9. What kind of bike do you ride now? 1998, 1200 Sportster

  10. What do you like about it?  Its fast as hell and orange

  11. What is your dream bike? I have the bike I’ve been dreaming of but I’d love to test out the new BMW roadsters, or a Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster.

  12. Tell us about motorcycle trips you’ve been on or interesting things you’ve seen on the road. In 2013 I rode Cross Country 2 up with my best friend Emily from Pennsylvania – California to Born Free and back 6000+ Miles. I am a sucker for sunsets and beautiful views so my favorite part of that trip was Arizona, New Mex, The Coastal Hwy, Northern Cali, Lake Tahoe, and Colorado.

  13. What kind of odd situations you’ve been in?  Detoured by forest fires, Torrential downpours, kidney stones, and sleeping on the back of a flat bed tractor trailer because of water sprinklers, and sleeping in an old man’s back yard who gave us military grade sleeping bags. I’d Def do it all again.

  14. Have you ever had a significant challenge while on the road? Dehydration, Over 110 degrees weather riding, Kidney stones and extremely fatigue.

  15. What kind of gear do you ride with? I wear Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Wanda Gloves and Nevada Boots. I also wear a Vintage Leather jacket that was my mothers or a Mesh lined Rain coat. I am in the market for a rain suit that fits me right.

  16. What are some of your favorite brands? BH&BR! My Nevada boots are my go to for riding. Having proper traction has given me so much more confidence with riding. I know when I put my foot down, I am not going to slip or slide. For Helmets I rotate between a Biltwell Gringo S and Bonanza, I’d love to own an Elders Roller helmet one day soon! Some of my go to brands are Worse for Wear, Lowbrow, Deathbed Edition and DeadBeat Customs.

  17. What do you think is missing from the women’s motorcycle industry? The female moto industry has grown so much in the past 5 years. One thing I think that could use improvement is making women’s gear not only affordable, but stylish and Functional… and not just pink.

  18.  What is your setup like for motorcycle trips? I usually pack bare minimum. I almost always have a passenger too so even less room. Sometimes I bring a nylon hammock, and a tarp. Other times just a sleeping pad, bag and insulated tarp. I don’t need much.

  19. How do you pack your bike or what is something you would not leave home without? I usually do a few prep packs before I load up and go and test the weight and space. I would not leave home without a water bottle, XS gas can, external charger, clears, head phones.

  20. What have you learned along the way? Keep it simple. You don’t really need much and strap everything down well! Duct tape and Zip ties can really save your life! If you can’t see their side mirrors they probably can’t see you. Keep some distance between you and the car in front. When pulling out, if you hesitate, don’t go.

  21. Are you busy on a project or learning a new skill: Currently just trying to get my 1200 squared away and ready for The Fox run 3 On May 18-20th! Also I am in school currently!

  22. What are your goals and what are you looking forward to in the future? My goals are in the next 6 months to have a successful event, to leave the corporate world, graduate school and become a full time nail artist and continue my freelance graphic design business.