Pack for your next motorcycle trip with some BH&BR Essentials.

Packing a Full Load of Camping Gear into a BH&BR Adventure Bag from BH&BR on Vimeo.


 Pack for your next motorcycle trip with some BH&BR Essentials.

Leslie of BH&BR is going to show you over the next few weeks how to pack for motorcycle trips in a series of blog posts. Leslie is going to highlight BH&BR travel accessories, her go-to essentials, and some good tips for when you are out on the road.

This week we want to start by showing you all of the benefits and features
The Adventure Bag has to offer.

In this video, you will see how Leslie packs for a four day camping trip.

In the BH&BR Adventure Bag:

  • Tarp - Camping footprint.
  • Tent - There are many options. Look for tents that are categorized as “hiking” they are usually the most compact and easy to travel with.
  • Headlamp - to keep at the campsite and travels with camping gear.
  • Inflatable sleeping mat - Look for ones that you inflate, and that are insulated.
  • Sleeping bag- Again, look for something categorized as “hiking” and that comes in a compression sack, these will pack up small. The best shape to look for is the cocoon shape. I also like to put a beanie in here, for colder/mountain trips.
  • Gas Reserve - Make sure that the canister you use has the specific valve to release gas.
  • Clothing - Pack this in a waterproof bag. Make sure to stick to good layering pieces.
  • First Aid Kit/Emergency Kit.  
  • Toiletries - Make sure to bring Sunscreen (face & body,) soap, face wipes, hairbrush, toothbrush.
  • Extra gloves - In case your regular gloves get wet or lost.

In the leather Bedroll harness:

  • Heavy Blanket
  • Rain Gear - Bring them, even if it doesn’t look like rain, this makes for a great extra layer.

On you / The rider:

  • Karla Leather Jacket
  • Headlamp
  • Wallet - Important documents. (License, registration, medical info, emergency contacts, cash, etc.)
  • BH&BR Heritage clears.
  • Phone // And waterproof case.
  • Dolly gloves
  • Nexx Full face Helmet.

The Adventure Book Bag makes for a good all-around moto bag because it combines the convenience of a book bag and the utility of a duffle bag. This water resistant canvas bag allows you to fill it up with all your camping essentials, then compress the bag closed by using the two top straps.

If you want to add extra items once you compress your belongings into the bag, the expandable closure around the opening allows you to extend the size. There are many extra straps, rings, and places to attach other items, and the extra large and easily accessible pocket in the back fits a laptop or smart tablet.

This bag is designed to fit a full face helmet should you be needing to hold onto essentials in a carry-on.

No matter what kind of adventure you find yourself on, the Adventure Bag is the perfect pack to get you there without compromising style or leaving anything behind.

Click here to get your Adventure Bag, and keep checking back for more of our “Motorcycle Packing Essentials” blog series.