Our newest BH&BR HEARTBREAKER: Zahara

I had the chance to interview Zahara, our newest BH&BR Heartbreaker.  As much as I have admired her from her post on instagram - because she always looks like a total boss -  I was glad to get to know her on a more personal level as she opens up about getting into motorcycles and her family.  Enjoy the read!

Zahara 1

BH&BR: Who are you? And where are you from? What is your IG?

Z: My name is Zahara, I go by Zee for short and I’m 38 years old. I was born in Southern California, raised in SLC, Utah and now live with my family in Georgia just north of Atlanta. I am a VP for an Atlanta based staffing agency and a motorcycle enthusiast.  My Instagram is:  @Zee883


BH&BR:  Tell me about your family.

Z: I am married to the love of my life and the one who introduced me to my second love - motorcycles. We have a blended family of a boy and two girls- all practically adults now 17-20 years of age. 

Zahara 2

BH&BR:  What have been some of your accomplishments throughout your lifetime?


Z: Wow. That is a hard question because I’m still learning and growing everyday, but I’ll name a few things I’m proud of. I  proud of raising a smart, respectful young man, I’m proud of my success and accomplishments in my career in the staffing industry. I am also proud of being a woman motorcycle enthusiast and role model for girls and women who ride or want to ride and being a founder of The Litas Atlanta. This has offered me a lot of collaboration opportunities of which being a BH&BR ambassador is one of my favorites!!! 


BH&BR:  What got you into motorcycling?

Z: My husband decided he wanted to get back into riding after 20+ years and buy his dream bike. I was fine with it, but didn’t necessarily have an interest in riding or motorcycles for that matter. After seeing how much fun he was having, as well as riding behind him a couple of times I decided I wanted a bike if my own. I had never ridden a motorcycle and wanted to make sure I would even like riding, so I took the MSF course and immediately knew that riding was for me. I took to it naturally and loved it so much that once I passed the course, I went out and purchased my own. 

BH&BR:  Tell me about your local motorcycle chapter you belong to.

Z:  I am a founder of the Atlanta branch of The Litas. We are a worldwide women’s motorcycle collective that focuses on inclusion and diversity.  The great thing about our group is that we want all women who ride to feel empowered and to be a part of our group, no matter their background. Being in Atlanta, we have a wide variety of diversity and ethnicities and its really great when we all get together with a common love for two wheels! 


BH&BR:  What kinds of things do you do within your community to inspire and promote safe riding?

Z:  I am a huge advocate of safe riding so I do my best to be an example and most recently I have made a point to wear gear all the time because riding is dangerous and nothing to be taken lightly. Even if it’s just for a quick scoot around the block. When we’re riding as a group, we make sure to practice good group riding formation and no horseplay. 

BH&BR:  What is the next adventure for you?

Z:  I hope to take a ride down to the beach with my hubby and camp out. Either SC or FL. I have never been camping and have not ever been excited about it, but anything that includes my motorcycle, I’m pretty much down for!