Natalia Dodd: Wild & Unbridled Hippie Heart

Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber: Tell us about who you are, what you do, and the things that you are passionate about?

Natalia Dodd: My mother was a secret member of an intelligence agency in Eastern Europe. My father was a regular guy with southern charm from somewhere in the heart of Georgia. They met in California and created a very eccentric only child whom they never could've expected would spend a lifetime giving them (hypothetical) heart attacks. I've always loved being wild and unbridled as they say. Let's just say I either got hurt or found myself in trouble often. I would always say, "at least now we have a story". I've always had a zeal for new things, new places, new sports, and despite being a bit accident prone (yes, I've been in a full body cast), I'm always up for an adventure. 

These days, motorcycles, music, and yoga are my 3 favorite things and they keep me happily occupied when I'm not plagued by ordinary life stuff like bills and needing sleep. I believe there is no formula in life, that mistakes are necessary, that one should never believe everything they think, and most importantly, that if you have even the slightest notion you may like something - say it, do it, become it.

Never doubt what you're capable of and never need to ask yourself why you didn't try. 


BH&BR: What do you want people to know about you?

ND: Generally, I just want people to know that there are a lot of different sides to my personality. I enjoy lipstick and high heels, but I can also put on some coveralls and change my own oil. I never seem to get bored because I'm diligent at entertaining myself with my passions but I don't necessarily feel like I always need to show them to the world. Some things are very personal to me, like playing the piano for example. All in all, I'm basically a gypsy and a hippie at heart. I love nature, listening to classical music and meditating. The other side of me as you know love love loves motorcycles and riding. I love feeling like a part of the road and knowing that I am actively creating and experiencing the world through the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. It is the ultimate art of being present. 

BH&BR:  As a singer, what artists do you look up to?

ND: The hardest question I find myself trying to answer is who inspired me to start singing and writing songs. According to my parents, I asked for a microphone at the age of 2 and that was about the same time they lost me at Disneyland because I ran into the parade in an attempt to copy the choreography of Snow White. Growing up I mainly listened to the standards sung by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, or Ray Charles. These are still my favorite singers today. Trust me, I can get down to some 80's hip-hop, and as a product of the 90's grunge movement, I can be caught blasting the radio to Pearl Jam or Soundgarden just the same. I've been working on my vinyl collection and some of my current faves for inspiration are Amy Winehouse, Otis Redding, and The Smiths.

BH&BR: What inspired you to start riding motorcycles?
What do you think is missing from the women’s motorcycle industry?

ND: I have always wanted a motorcycle. For as long as I can remember I've loved anything that had to do with racing, and during high school was a regular observer of the car races at our local track. Eventually, I scored my first job as a sports reporter and would interview the winners each week and report the highlights in a half hour special called "Sports Scene." If I got lucky, a driver would take me around the track a couple times at half speed. To this day, that was the best job I ever had! About 4 years ago, I had a skin cancer scare that made me question why I hadn't checked more things off of my bucket list, being as adventurous as I am. From then on I told myself that riding was a priority in my school of life and I also promised myself that I would see at least one new country per year. I've kept my promise, traveling and riding regularly. I'm working on getting my pilot's license next. I realized that sometimes you just need a little scare to help you fight off the fears of never truly living. 

If anything is missing from the Moto industry its simply more riders -especially more female riders.

I've been welcomed into such an incredible community since I started riding, but I definitely don't seem to meet as many women who ride. It could be that riding in LA seems dangerous and I agree that drivers aren't as cautious as they are in other countries I've ridden where Motos are in the majority and not the exception. If I could have it my way, and if more people embraced two wheels, we could all have a lot more fun and enjoy a cleaner brapp-tastic planet! 

Thank you to Natalia for taking the time to tell her story!

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All photos taken by: Armin (@arminhammerphotography.jpg)