Introducing the Limited Edition 'Valley of Fire' Nevada

Valley of Fire
Limited Edition

only 12 pairs available
    Fashion- as with most things- is cyclical. While you may have noticed the influx of snake skin on runways and in magazine recently; the edginess of this exotic staple is reminiscent of New York City's rock n' roll heyday, and seen in styles lifted right from the Bowery in the late 70's. 

Snake skin is usually reserved for those who
want to signal a certain kind of rebellious streak, so It comes as no surprise that we indulged in this trend
with our own reptilian take. 
We started by developing a mood board with a concept around the colors red and black.
The Nevada is our most versatile and easy to wear style, and this Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber Special is bold enough to hint at your wild side, but classic enough to be treated as a neutral.

Even with the bold hue and unabashed ruggedness, this style is easily incorporated into your every day wardrobe. 
As soon as we laid eyes on this textured leather, we knew we had found THE ONE
...and to get a pair of this special boot from Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber.