Hi and Hello from Leslie.


I thought I would start out our blog by introducing myself.  My name is Leslie and I am the creator and founder of Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber (BH&BR.)   While I was on a cross country tour on my bike, I found it very difficult to find a pair of boots that met my needs. And when I say "needs" I mean a pair of boots that would last for the duration of my trip without falling apart. There was a huge gap in the motorcycle apparel industry, and for me, that meant sometimes a compromise between fashion and function. 

The boots to the right are from my cross country trip. They made it about 1,800 miles. The boots to the left are my personal every day BH&BR boots -  at this point 20K miles and counting.


I teamed up with the owner of Modern Vice, Jordan Adoni, to collaborate and create a fashionable, yet functional, women's motorcycle boot.  We collaborated under the name BH&BRXMV.  As our brand started to grow, we developed into a unique identity of our own. We had morphed into a lifestyle brand, and our women's motorcycle boots paved the way for our independent brand, Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber.  

As an avid motorcyclist, and a woman who appreciates fashion, I saw an opportunity to create a product that had somehow been overlooked in the motorcycle industry. I started simply by making boots for myself, but quickly realized that I was in a rare position to fill a gap in the market, and I could make my boots available to women all over the world. From the very beginning, I've been dedicated to developing products that are comfortable, durable and stylish.  As a consumer and business owner, I value high quality with a great price point. It is also important to me to make items that translate into a woman's everyday wardrobe. I want my products to look and feel great, whether you're riding 200 miles a day, or going out with friends for the evening. My biggest challenge has been trying to fulfill a special place within the women's motorcycle industry, and expanding to products such as jackets, gloves, and other essential gear.  After years of hard work and dedication, it has been extremely rewarding to see my creations adorned by both bad ass motorcycle women's and fashion icons alike! 

BH&BR gear laid out in the grass, after getting caught in the rain during a recent camping trip. I love being able to put our products to the test and being able to have first hand experiences. It is the best perspective when designing.

Recently, Jordan and I decided to bring BH&BR X MV. The collaboration with Modern Vice has been really exciting for me, as they present a really fun, street style; whereas BH&BR represents my passion and love for motorcycles.

I'm so excited to use this platform to share ideas, adventures and inspiration. Please, feel free to reach out to us if you would like to contribute. Thank you again for all the support. -Leslie