BH&BR x Vibram Sole Factor at The Dream Roll

This weekend, September 21-23, Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber will be joining forces with Vibram to bring a mobile boot resoling factory to The Dream Roll.
Vibram Mobile Resoling Factory
Bring any boots that need resloling to our booth and we will add a pair of our exclusive Vibram soles to them, getting you back on the road in no time. We know shoes don't last forever, but we want to try to make your favorite pair withstand the wear and tear of riding for as long as possible.
Here's how it works:
Bring your worn out footwear to us at our booth at The Dream Roll. Vibram will be on-site with a camper van equipped with a full sole factory, where their cobblers with inspect and analyze your boots to figure out exactly what sole style is going to be perfect for you. 
The cobblers will prep your boots by grinding down the existing sole and removing the heel if necessary. 
Then the cobblers will take a pair of our soles and cut them down to the perfect fit for your boot and permanently adhering them to your boot. 
For more information and to get tickets to The Dream Roll, click HERE