Quick Q&A With a Banker, Biker, & Babe, Alex G.

All photos and words courtesy of Alex Gingras (@lady_blk_) 

BH&BR: Tell us about who you are, what you do, and the things that you are passionate about? 

Alex Gingras: Hi! I’m Alex 29 year old from South Florida. Originally I’m from Hartford, CT (got sick of the snow). I’m a corporate banker by day, biker by night. I’m obsessed with art and I spend a lot of my time in galleries and art shows. I love to try new things. I’m passionate about travel and I try to get out as much as possible. I’m a huge supporter of empowering women in every facet of my life. 

BH&BR: You say you are podcast addicted on your Instagram, what’s your favorite?  

AG: I'm a true crime nut! Right now my favorites are My Favorite murder and last podcast on the left. When I’m feeling a bit less intense I’m all about the tech and history stuff: Reply All is fantastic and so is The Dollop. I seem to have no time to read but when I’m on the road or flying I’m always listening to a podcast. I can typically be found telling strangers that they must listen to whatever I’m into that week. 

BH&BR: What inspired you to start riding motorcycles? What do you think is missing from the women’s motorcycle industry?

AG: I was initially inspired by my husband. He is a pinstriper sign painter who builds motorcycles. I was constantly around others that rode and after a while, I got tired of riding on the back. I committed to learn how to ride and just did it! Other girlfriends joined me and it’s been incredibly empowering and a great time. The more women see other women ride it becomes more of the norm. I love seeing girls ride out in large groups; not everything has to be masculine we can chop up a bike and make it our own. There are so many women out there doing cool stuff and they need to be recognized. Brands like this one are doing incredible work supplying us with gear and spotlighting women. 

Big THANK YOU to Alex for her support of Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber and supporting women on motorcycles!! 
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